Sarah Lyons Glabman

Publisher and Lead Photographer

BodyScape Magazine was created by world-class photographer Sarah Lyons Glabman (Publisher and Lead Photographer) of PictureGroove Photography in 2018. Sarah believed that a magazine should not only be fitness-forward, but also have interesting stories, have awesome recipes, and insight from some pretty cool contributing writers too. The magazine is what Sarah calls “fitness-forward”, so, you don’t have to be down to zero-percent body fat for a chance to be published! This magazine is literally a labor of love for Sarah to showcase all of her amazing work, and offer models, writers, and advertisers a chance at big-time exposure. The magazine is available in a premium-level print version, and also a downloadable version for easy reading. If you would like a shot at being published in a future issue of BodyScape Magazine, email Sarah directly at


Art Director & Graphic Designer

Raj is the Art Director for BodyScape Magazine as well as! Raj is a success-driven designer with his client’s goals at the forefront of his mission. He generates design projects from inception to creation and, and he translates business requirements into effective advertising campaigns. He intuitively adapts to new technology and is not afraid to think outside the box to ensure his client’s success.

Areas of Emphasis —

Full Life Cycle Project Management, Cutting-edge Graphic Design, Web & Mobile UI Design, Newsletters / Brochures / Flyers, Press Releases & Media Kits, Digital / Print Production

Kerrie Lee Brown

Editor-in-Chief, BodyScape & Epic Fit Magazines

Kerrie Lee Brown is a globally recognized magazine editor, women’s health advocate, and author of the book “My Heart, My Self” a guide for women to slow down. With 20+ years working in publishing and media in Canada and the U.S., most notably as the editor-in-chief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness and American Health & Fitness magazines, Kerrie has recently evolved her love of professional storytelling into the creation of RedLily® lifestyle brand where she helps share women’s stories of struggle to strength on her platform Kerrie is also the founder and CEO of RedLily® Wellness – all-natural, vegan-friendly, daily heart support supplements and healthy lifestyle products. In addition, she helps entrepreneurs and businesses with print and digital content creation, corporate messaging, and editing/writing services.

Kona Kamai

BodyScape Magazine Official Videographer

Kona Cam (Official Videographer) is a production company focused on quality storytelling, innovative concepts, striking visuals and creative content. The combined experience of the in-house team covers commercials, music videos, live events, talk shows and new social media content. With worldwide clientele, traveling is a must, offering packages for all. Tahiti being the recent international hot spot, finishing a Cultural Documentary. Having worked in the film industry for more than 6 years. Kona Cam thrives on exciting projects and will bring you quality editing, visual effects and more.


Claudia Renkwitz

Graphic Design Artist & Social Media Manager

Claudia Renkwitz is a Creative Graphic Design Artist and Social Media Manager for BodyScape Magazine. As an intuitive social media planner, Claudia has a talent for developing unique custom brands, graphics, and interactive social media designs. As a former boxing champion turned designer, she has learned and executed countless skills and processes that she now effectively implements towards her creativity day in and day out. 
Claudia provides BodyScape Magazine with an innovative approach to social media campaigns and translates the BodyScape Mag artistic vision into a visual of its own story.
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